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By 2014 mobile internet usage should take over desktop internet usage. That is why developers in Google and Facebook plan new features and products around the mobile experience rather than the desktop experience. Consequently, if the mobile user experience is poor, users simply will not stick around...

Adapt or... disappear!

By 2014, internet usage by mobile devices will have surpassed desktop internet usage.

This means that, in order to remain competitive, gain leverage or simply keep up with the crowd, every business needs to begin implementing their mobile strategy.

Naturally, at this point in time business cannot afford to simply ignore desktop internet usage and concentrate solely on catering for the growing mobile market.

However, business also cannot ignore growing mobile internet usage in favour of traditional desktop markets. Instead, both markets need to be catered for in an equally important manner.

This is where an adaptive website provides a near perfect solution

Adaptive Websites (incorporating responsive design techniques) provide businesses with a very effective solution for effectively migrating from the old to the new, without losing market share during the transition.

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Get found or... get lost!

We all know that if you are not ranking on the first page of Google (if not in the top 3 places) for your most effective keywords/phrases, then you are simply lost in an 'ocean' of websites. Users rarely bother to search beyond the first page of search returns.

Consider the growing use of mobile devices to access your products and services and then consider how many pages of search returns a mobile user might scroll through in order to find what they are looking for. ONE!

That first page is prime real estate for business... and you want to be on it!

So, how do you get onto that first page these days? The answer is simple to explain, but not at all simple to actually implement effectively.

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