Case Study: Spanners Automotive, Whittlesea, Victoria.

spanners-automotive-whittleseaA case study / overview of working with Spanners Automotive (Whittlesea, Victoria), for their new latest-tech, mobile friendly, Google-friendly website that promotes and supports them online, in the competitive automotive industry.

Spanners Automotive in Whittlesea, Victoria, offer top quality mechanical services, Road Worthy Certificates (RWCs) and much more…

Business owner Graham Carlson and the team are fantastic to deal with, professional, experienced, fast turnarounds, great rates, support and guidance… Graham’s industry knowledge is amazing!

Working closely with Graham, and utilising our effective RAWCD System (see below for details), we gained an understanding of Graham’s business, his ideal customer and his target audience for the website.

Graham also shared his immediate, mid and longer term plans and goals, which enabled us to build a website that will cost-effectively cater for the future online growth and development of the Spanners Automotive business.

Visit our Client Reviews page to read Graham & Charlotte’s feedback on working with Integrity Online for both of their Mechanical Workshop websites: and


Processes for this Website Build included:

Registration of Domain Names:

We discussed domain names as a part of Graham’s online marketing strategies and then secured a range of relevant, generic keyword-related domain names (which we consider to be ‘online real estate’), such as and, as well as variations of Graham’s business name, ie and

Setting Graham’s domain names up, so that they all ‘point’ or re-direct people to the Spanners Automotive website, is also a part of the website project that we take care of.

Website Hosting & Domain Emails:

The Australian-based website hosting we provide to Spanners Automotive is perfect for Graham’s website… It caters for the Server space needed for the website, bandwidth and traffic volumes, as well as for Graham’s Domain Emails.

A Domain Email is an email address that match the website’s domain name, for example Graham’s primary domain name is, and his domain email address is

Having Australian-based hosting is highly recommendable for a range of reasons, click here to learn more on our Website Hosting page.

Requirements Analysis & Website Content Development:

After 15 years of building hundreds & hundreds of websites, we have a fantastic system that makes it easy for people to understand what to do and how to go about putting together their website content…

We call this our RAWCD System… Requirements Analysis & Website Content Development System.

Listed below are the details of what our RAWCD System includes and what was applied to the Spanners Automotive build.


RAWCD System Inclusions:

Pages / Content / Information

Guidance and recommendations on what you will need, or should have, so that your new website beautifully showcases your products, services and business online.


Guidance and recommendations around images for your entire website, such as a Slideshow (scrolling or moving ‘Header’ photos), &/or an Image Gallery…

We recommend and can help you with sourcing high visual impact / high quality ‘application’ photography, ie images that ‘apply’ to the page / section and its content.

Call to Action Modules

These are little eye-catching snippets of information designed to prompt people to take action and call or send an email / contact, easily done via their smart phones!

Contact form

An easy-to-use Contact form can be a great tool for knowing how to grow your website’s content – the feedback that people send through may lead to you adding a new page that addresses specific queries or website contacts you’ve received…

Or it may become evident that you need an FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page to help your website visitors get the information they’re looking for.

Google map of your location

You won’t believe how important having a Google map can be for a business online!

Sometimes having a Google map is not applicable, such as home based businesses not wanting their location to be in the public domain.

Effectively covering information with you around your location and Service Area, so that you understand what options you have and what’s best for your website visitors and business online, is a part of our RAWCD system.

Guidance & Direction

We guide and direct you on putting together your words and photos for the new website: This is via the ‘Website Content Development’ component of our RAWCD system and results in a ‘Working’ document that moves between you / your business and us throughout the build.

Web Design & Development

Your professional-looking, latest-tech, mobile friendly website is well underway!

Internet Marketing

This is a biggie! Having a website that can’t be found in Google is as good as having a billboard on the Nullarbor… no-one is going to see it so why bother!

We research and identify what the most applicable and profitable keywords are for your website and industry online, and then apply Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google registration processes to your site for your top target keywords.

Our SEO processes work very well – Graham at Spanners Auto receives contacts and new business via his website on a very regular basis.

Click here to visit our Get Found on Google page for more information on Google listings.

Social media

Another biggie! It’s pretty much essential these days to have some form of social media, people expect it… We inter-link your website with your Facebook business page, and any other social media you may have, so people can quickly and easily move between the various platforms.

Linking your FB page, &/or any other social media you may have, with your website is something that we take care of for you.

Having social media is great for your Google listings too, as Google is able to track and monitor that you’re being ‘social’ and connecting your website visitors with up-to-date information.

Facebook is a great form of social media to have because it’s relatively easy to add photos and information to a FB page, using your smart phone for example.

Often people will choose to NOT have a Content Management System on their website (see our CMS Vs. Non-CMS page for more) because they’ve inter-linked their website to an active FB page that provides online visitors with latest news, photos, videos, special offers etc.

Your website is your 24/7 Sales Rep and the face of your business online…

Having a professional looking website that supports and promotes your business is a must-have, and we’re privileged to be able to share our expertise and knowledge in making new websites a reality for our valued clients.

Contact us today about your mobile friendly website development needs…