Get Found on Google

Where is your business online?

Having a website that can’t be found on Google is as good as having a billboard on the Nullarbor… or any other vast, uninhabited desert region! No-one is going to see it so why bother…

What is SEO?

SEO is a collective term that relates to a range of technical processes that, when correctly applied to a website, can make that website ‘open’ for Google’s spider program (or Google-bot) to get in and traverse that website… Google then basically weighs-up whether or not that website provides the information / content that the User is seeking, and when it does, Google will list that website in the search results.

Why Google?

When it comes to internet marketing and getting your website found online, you really can’t afford to go past Google as being the best opportunity of connecting with consumers that are online, actively seeking out the products &/or services you offer.

Basically, Google is the Yellow Pages of the day except, instead of paying tens of thousands of $$$ a year for a one-dimensional, full page, colour advert in what used to be a big, fat, cumbersome book… you can now share your business via a multi-paged, interactive, exciting, colourful, functional website that’s accessible from anywhere in the world!

Well over 90% of Australians use Google to find the products, services and service providers they need.

And, be it right or wrong, people often relate to businesses that come up on Google’s 1st page as being industry leaders.

So how can people find your website on Google?

From our experience over the past 15 years or so, a cost effective way to get found on Google is to have what’s called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), applied to your website – SEO can be very beneficial, especially in the longer term, because once applied, SEO stays on that website.

Can you do anything to help your site list well on Google?

Yes, there are things you can do to help your site list well on Google, always keep in mind your website has two target audiences – one is the online Consumer, the other is Google!

Some handy tips for you:

  • Make sure your website works properly on mobile devices / is mobile friendly
  • Make sure your website is Google compliant / Google friendly
  • Make sure your website has lots of helpful, relevant, information
  • Make sure your information flows and is easy to follow
  • Make sure it’s clear and easy to understand what products / services you offer
  • Your website’s menu / navigation system should be easy to use
  • Professional-looking photos are an absolute must!
  • Photos / graphics should be small-sized files that don’t take ages to download
  • Have links to your Facebook and other Social Media
  • If possible / applicable, have a Google map of your location
  • Have high quality SEO work applied to your site… you’ll be glad you did in the longer term

We have been providing professional, very successful SEO / Search Engine Optimisation services and achieving 1st page Google listings for our Clients websites since 2002, we understand Google compliancy and all that comes with getting a website on to Google’s 1st page for relevant keywords and search terms – starting with Keyword Research through to applying SEO to your website’s code and pages.

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