Get the perfect Domain Name for your business!

We highly recommend .COM.AU so everyone, including Google, knows you’re Aussie-based…

We’ve been helping small business owners across Melbourne, Victoria and Australia for over 16 years with every aspect of getting online, including selecting and registering a domain name.

Do I need a Domain Name?

Yes… if you want to have a website online then you must have a www. domain name for that website.

Liken it to having a home or office space with no physical address… how can you locate it without an address to go to? The same applies for a website, your domain name is the address for your online website space.

If you want to have a website online then you must have a domain name and .COM.AU domain name is highly recommendable, so that Google and your online visitors can know at a glance that you’re an Australian based business.

Can we help you find and register your perfect Domain Name?

Yes… we’ve had lots of experience doing just that!

We brainstorm with you, discuss ideas, your business, relevant keywords that might be incorporated etc., and we know how to check on what domains are available without running the risk of alerting or ‘flagging’ unscrupulous programmers that sometimes track and monitor such processes, which can end up with your domain name of choice no longer being available when you’re ready to buy!

Can you have more than one Domain Name?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to have more than one domain name, and you’re in great hands with us as we have the knowledge and experience to set things up so that one or all of your domain names will correctly and smoothly take people to your website.

When you have more than one domain name it’s very important that your domain names are set up correctly for your website and Google listings – the last thing you want is for Google to see 2 or more domain names bringing up the one website! This can be construed by Google as you trying to spam the system and push your way on to Google’s 1st page, and Google has been known to apply heavy penalties for such practices.

Can we take over &/or manage your domain names for you?

Yes, we can tidy up and consolidate things for you, so you will be on top of your domain names and your domain emails too.

The best part about that is you’ll always have us to call on to check that the domain name scams and spams doing the rounds don’t apply to you… We regularly get calls from clients when they’re not sure about a domain name registration or renewal ‘invoice’ they get in the post, or via email… We are always SO HAPPY that they do check with us because very often those notifications are junk mail that can be ignored.

What is Domain Email?

Domain email is an email address that matches your domain name.

For example, my website address is, and my domain email is

We believe that having a domain email is very, very important… you look professional having your own domain email address, and why should you be promoting Bigpond, Gmail / Google, Yahoo or any other company rather than your own, when you’re corresponding via email?

No Geek-Speak!

Helping you make sense of this whole environment is part of what we do… We talk in plain English so you understand and have clear expectations on what’s going on, we can help you with consolidating things so that all of your website related information and resources are under the one umbrella, and you can then relax and ignore the tons of spam emails we all get about domain names renewals, Google listings, SEO and all the rest of it!

Please contact us to discuss your Domain Name needs, your website hosting needs, website development or upgrade, domain name registrations, renewals or management.